Romania marks national day of mourning in Queen Anne’s memory

Autor: Claudiu.Padurean din 3 august 2016, Vizualizari: 4 925 Romania marks national day of mourning in Queen Anne’s memoryRomania will mark a day of national mourning on August 13, the day when former Queen Anne’s funeral will take place, the Government has decided. The Queen, who died on August 1, will be buried at Curtea de Argeş, says



Thus, on August 13, the flags will be flown at half-staff, and the national TV and radio stations, as well as the cultural institutions, will have to adapt their programs accordingly, says


Romania has marked several days of mourning after the fall of Communism. Most recently, the country held a mourning day on March 24 this year, to commemorate the victims of the Brussels terrorist attacks. Prior to that, Romania declared three days of national mourning last year, after the tragic incident at Colectiv club in Bucharest, which occurred on October 30.

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