Cluj-Napoca is now only a flight away from Malta

Autor: Claudiu.Padurean din 29 martie 2017, Vizualizari: 2 478 Cluj-Napoca is now only a flight away from MaltaMalta International Airport’s second, new summer route for 2017 was launched yesterday evening. The first passengers from Cluj-Napoca in Romania were given a special welcome by hosts donning the traditional Maltese costume and treated to a cake-cutting ceremony, according to


One-and-a-half hour flights to the second most populous city in Romania will be operated by Wizz Air every Wednesday and Sunday.

This new route also marks Malta International Airport’s first connection to the region of Transylvania, which is surrounded by the spectacular Carpathian Mountains, and sought for its scenic landscapes and medieval towns, says


Certainly worth a visit in Cluj-Napoca are the Art Museum, housing a collection of art dating back to the Middle Ages, and the National Museum of Transylvanian History, showcasing both temporary and permanent exhibitions.


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